Affiliate program

What is affiliate program ?

Affiliate program is an arrangement in which we pays commission for referring new customers to us.


Who can join this program ?

Anyone (including existing clients) can join affiliate program.


What is the commission structure ?

Service Name Commission
Cloud Website Hosting 70% + 2 Months Free Cloud Web Hosting Credit
Cloud Server 20%
Dedicated Server 20%
Domain Registration 5%


When can I use the free Cloud Web Hosting credit ?

You can use that any time to renew websites of your account.


How system will track my referrals ?

We will generate a unique link for each affiliate. A cookie will be stored with the referrer details when a visitor visits our website using that unique link. A referrer is eligible for commission if the visitor purchase a service within 90 days from the first visit.


Will you provide any marketing materials to promote ?

Yes, please login and check the Affiliate section.


Can I see any statistics ?

Yes, the statistics of earnings, clicks, sign-ups are available in real time on affiliate page of Client Area.


How to join the program ?

Its simple and easy to join the program.

  1. Create an account. Click here to create account.
  2. Activate affiliate program. Click here to activate affiliate program.
  3. On activation of affiliate program an unique link will be generated. Share that link while referring to us.


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